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First Expression Preschool was founded by Dr.Raj Salunke and Dr.Varsha Salunke who are doing research on Early childhood education since last 15 years. What we do is fundamentally different to other preschools in India. Our focus is on a curriculum designed around how children learn, introducing young children to elements of world culture to which they might not otherwise be exposed. We believe in giving them varied, exciting opportunities to Explore | Discover | Learn. We listen to your child, as your child can best articulate their own needs, talents, abilities and interests.


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Dr.Raj Salunke, Director

An institution which is the lengthened shadow of its founders, First Expression Preschool was envisioned by Dr. Raj Salunke with the intention of contributing to the development children.

Dr. Raj Salunke, the Founder President of the First Expression School, the inspiring teacher and the able administrator, leads his team from the front, raising the standards at every level in his quest for excellence.

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Dr.Varsha Salunke, Director

Dr.Varsha Salunke, the co-founder and the Principal of the First Expression School stands as the byword for Elegance, Excellence and Emancipation, the motto of the school. Graceful and resourceful; commanding, yet compassionate, under her able administration, the School has grown in stature and has become a brand in itself in the field of Child Development.

When you entrust your child’s care to us, we know, as parents, how difficult a choice that is, looking for the best preschool in Aurangabad has to offer can take some time. We know that you must be comfortable with your choice of preschool, and that you must feel that your child is at least as well cared for as they would be if they were at home, and we always strive to ensure that our care, stimulation and education provide opportunities for your child that they would not or could not receive in any other environment.

Dear Parents,

          I want to assure you that if you pay us a visit at our preschool you will see the difference The First Expression preschool can make for your child.

This is a speciality preschool, which is governed by a group of doctors doing research on Early Childhood Education (0-6 years) from last 15 years.

The special emphasis is given for brain development of children (EQ & IQ)

First Expression Preschool is revolutionizing the early childhood education scenario by introducing a novel method of pedagogy in pre-schools. We cater to the growing segment of quality conscious parents, who desire a holistic experience in the formative years of their child’s life. We are committed to provide world-class early childhood education with globally accepted, best teaching practices.

Each child is unique and they develop at a different pace. We also ensure that each and every child is encouraged and supported in order to achieve their fullest potential. This means that every child’s aptitude, interests as well as their individuality is acknowledged.

Early childhood development is the key to a full and productive life for a child and to the progress of a nation.

Early childhood is a critical stage of development that forms the foundation for children’s future well-being and learning.

Research has shown that half of a person’s intelligence potential is developed by age 6 and that early childhood interventions can have a lasting effect on intellectual capacity, personality, and social behaviour.

Early childhood is the most and rapid period of development in a human life.

The years from conception through birth to 6 years of age are critical to the complete and healthy cognitive, emotional and physical growth of children.

The rapid development of children’s brain beings in the prenatal stage and continues after birth.

Although cell formation is virtually complete before birth a newborn baby has about a 100 billion brain cells – brain maturation and important neural pathways and connections are progressively developed after birth in early childhood.

Therefore, early childhood is a period in the development where environment actually has an important impact on determining how the brain and central nervous system grows and develops.

Environment affects not only the number of brain cells and the number of connections among them, but also the way these connections are “wired.”

Apart from this, if you have any query about school or want to visit, please feel free to call me on – 7387376214.

Thank you

Dr.Varsha Salunke