About us

                The only truly international pre-school set-up in India, First Expression Pre-schools is revolution the early childhood education scenario in the country by introducing a novel method of pedagogy in pre-schools. We cater to the growing segment of quality conscious parents, who desire a holistic experience in the formative years of their child’s life. We are committed to provide world-class early childhood education with globally accepted, best teaching practices.

                Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which will support individual needs and allow children to achieve their full potential.

Each child is unique and they develop at a different pace. We also ensure that each and every child is encouraged and supported in order to achieve their fullest potential. This means that every child’s aptitude, interests as well as their individuality is acknowledged.

Research & Development

  • The childhood education concept has undergone a vast change in the recent years and can be understood by the degree of children’s mental & physical process.

  • At First Expression pre-school, we’re working relentlessly to research, upgrade & consult our program to keep pace with the ever-evolving world around your child.

  • We have incorporated the latest research into a fresh approach to teaching and learning that is both practical and avant-garde.

  • Here each curriculum is created within our won educational department experts, who bring decades of experience of child education. Besides, we have a panel of child psychologists who assist us in creating most effective courses.

  • This is the reason why our children’s courses have been recognized by parents who trust us.